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      American Stories Inc. began in the heart of an American soldier.  Colonel Don Koonce Ret. first presented American stories to students in schools in 1996.  Without compensation, school curriculum, or any background in education, Koonce stood in front of that first school assembly speaking from the heart.  What schools soon realized was that the American story told from the perspective of a man who chose to serve in uniform connects with students in ways textbooks never will. 

With a deep love of country and growing demand for his public speaking skills, Koonce decided to invest in the art of educational storytelling.   


As an educational nonprofit, American Stories Inc.’s goal is to inspire and educate America’s youth, helping ensure and improve America’s future.  We believe when students can find their story in the American story the result will be an engaged American citizenry, embracing and living the principles found in the Declaration, Preamble, and Pledge.  We designed American Stories Inc. as a beacon of light to educate generations of students on their claim to America’s grand story.



Every student deserves to personally connect to his or her God given-unalienable rights of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.  Every product we produce is created to strengthen those ties and ensure the next generation is empowered to write inspiring American stories with their lives.

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